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Stroke is the second leading cause of death in the world over the age of 60. This is the third reason for loss of ability to function normally. About 75% of stroke sufferers are over 65 years of age. As you grow older, your heart and mind may change. High […]

When you cough, your throat becomes very itchy and hard to feel. Climate change is one of the most common causes of cough. For most people, the cough will go away on its own without medication, but when the cough is severe and difficult to live with, you may need […]

Sexual orientation is one of the basic anatomical needs of the adult human body. Marriage is a relationship that requires a high level of commitment. Fullness of life; A happy marriage requires work from both parties. The pressure to maintain a woman’s family; Work fatigue Lack of open communication about […]

Dark spots on the face can be annoying and depressing every time you look in the mirror. The cause of blackheads is whether you are tanned or not. It doesn’t matter if you are white or not. It is caused by a pigment called melanin in your skin. Melanin is […]

Chin (ginger) is used in many Burmese dishes as a spice and since ancient times, Burmese people have been drinking Chin (ginger) decoction for good health. It is most commonly consumed, especially when you have a cold or cough. International experts have not found that ginger can cure the flu. […]

Why does a cold drink cause a cough?During this hot season, people often get thirsty due to sweating and drink ice water. They usually make cold drinks. Cold sores can be soothing, but many people experience a cough after a cold drink. Here are some common causes of coughing after […]

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Or we may be trying to make excuses for not doing something that we should have done. In fact, staying physically active and doing your job well is the key to staying healthy. Regular exercise is […]